Wiki Loves Africa Photo Competition.


Wiki Loves Africa is an annual competition that invites people from across Africa (and beyond) to celebrate the diversity, richness and complexity of this continent.


The theme for the 2015 photo contest will be Wiki Loves Africa Cultural Fashion and Adornment. The competition scope will be: submissions of media that cover cultural dress and fashion; specifically fashion that is defined by local cultural influences and determines cloth, styles, ways of wrapping and hanging, etc. This theme would include adornment, that include culturally defined jewellery, make-up, hairstyles, cloths and woven materials.

Take part in the contest by taking photographs, video or audio that are related to cultural dress, fashion, jewellery and adornment.

Description of Ideal Candidate:

 All entries to Wiki Loves Africa will be directly uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (the digital repository of the Wikimedia projects) with the intention of being used to illustrate relevant existing articles or as a basis to begin new articles on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.

All photos must be taken by the person submitting them. They can be either self-uploaded or uploaded during a registered mass upload session.

Cost for a participant: None

Fully Funded by the organizers

Deadline:November 30, 2015

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Good luck.