SUO Raise Your Voice the first ever online music reality show in Nigeria. This is first of its kind in Africa. The show is a Musical talent hunt aimed at scouting, discovering, and gearing young upcoming artiste between the ages of 14 and above that want to make a career in the music world
1. Text RYV to 35120 to get your pin
2. Visit (or visit and click ‘Pin Verification’ link on the menu) to submit your pin.
3. Click the ‘Submit Pin’ button after entering the pin to see and fill the registration form.
4. Upon completion of the form, your Login details will be mailed to you (please use a valid email address while for registration).
5. Click the ‘Submit Video’ Link on the menu bar of the website and enter the Login detail that was mailed to you.
6. Fill the ‘Submit Video’ form and choose to either upload your video file or provide the link to your video if you have it hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
i. You are to record yourself singing/performing any song of your choice. This is the video to be submitted on the website.
ii. The video should not exceed 45 seconds.
iii. You can use any mobile device or camera of your choice.iv. Only your face, as the performer or singer, must be seen in the video.
Adhere strictly to the steps rules above to avoid disqualification

Good luck.