Statoil – Corporate graduate programme

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Starting your career is one of the biggest steps you’ll ever take. You want to make the right decision. A career at Statoil combines great challenges, opportunities for growth and professional development with the work/life balance necessary to enable you to excel in this important phase in your life.


The world’s population is growing but resources are constrained. We help to meet growing energy needs in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Innovation is in our nature. We are proud of our history and our drive, in creating and investing in innovative solutions, and we are committed to continuously improving our environmental and social performance.

In order to fulfill this commitment, we need smart people, the most innovative and creative minds. We need your ideas, your willingness to challenge accepted truths, your curiosity and your passion, both globally and for your individual discipline.

With your contribution, together we can make a tremendous difference to the world in which we live.

We will offer you

  • On-the-job learning based on rotations of varying length and scope according to professional area
  • Deployment matching your individual development goals to our business needs
  • Permanent position in Statoil from day 1

Description of Ideal Candidate:

You should have:

  • You have either completed or are in the final year of your masters or PhD studies
  • Have one year’s work experience or less
  • Speak English fluently (preferably in addition to a second working language)
  • Have international work or study experience

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